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About playing at The Finborough Arms


The Cellar holds various music events, if you are not suitable for one of our in-house nights, feel free to contact the promoters who run nights at the venue. But please fill in the form above, and we'll do our best to get in touch!

The Cellar is also available for hire as a practice room for bands and musicians, as well as acting and film rehearsals.

Room Equipment:

3 x Shure SM58
1 x Shure SM57
1 x Allen and Heath ZED16 Mixing Desk
1 x DBX 1231 Graphic Equaliser
2 x EV ZLX12P Speakers
2 x Alto TX12 Monitors
2 x Samson DI Boxes

1 x Orange CR120 Guitar Amp
1 x VOX AC30 VR Guitar Amp
1 x Laney RB6 Bass Amp
1 x Remo Skinned CB Bass Drum
1 x Remo Skinned CB Snare Drum
1 x Remo Skinned 16" Floor Tom
1 x Remo Skinned 12" High Tom
1 x Mapex Hit Hat Stand
1 x Mapex Cymbal Stand
1 X CB Cymbal Stand

Cymbals are available at no extra cost.

EPSON EBS04 Projector
100" Pull Down Screen

Room Prices

Monday, Wednesday - Friday 11am - 7pm
£10 per hour (3hr minimum booking)

For all bookings email or fill in the form above: